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Our unique combination of unconquerable prices, service excellence and a promise to go the extra mile with a smile will make it easy to understand why our products have the potential to take the market by storm.

Continuous innovation and the use of high quality raw materials position our products in the same league as top leaders in the paint market.

Latex paints, oil-based paints, interior and exterior paints, high gloss enamels of flat paints, trim paints, textured paints, shingle paint, floor paints, lacquer or even luminous paints……………….. Paint comes in all shapes, sizes and colors nowadays.

Paint is still comprised of three components: the binder, the pigment (color) and the liquid. The quality and durability of the final product called paint depends on the quality of the basic material, the right mixture of those and a high volume of the solid material used. But we are not giving away our secrets here………………

Painting is the number one do-it-yourself home improvement project. Each year, millions of people – equipped with little more than a paintbrush and roller – apply a new coat of finish to room interiors, house exteriors and fences. However, a successful job depends very much on using the right paint. All coatings are specifically formulated for particular types of surfaces. Apply the incorrect kind of paint and it will peel, fade or even crack. And no amount of surface preparation or careful application can save your job that is finished with the wrong type of paint.

Picking the appropriate paint is not always easy, but fortunately at Nurtra Paints all sales people are consultants that will be more than happy to help you make the right choice.

Whether you are a consumer looking to paint your house inside or outside or you are a businessperson looking to paint your office or a retailer looking to stock Nurtra paint, you are all welcome at NURTRA PAINTS. All our clients are dear and important to us!

Our Operations:

  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale to Distributions
  • Retailing through own factory shop situated at the factory premises
  • Direct distribution to the contractors

Other services:

  • Speedy deliveries
  • In-house colour tinting and matching
  • Full technical advice and backup

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