Our Industrial products are some of the dominants in their sector.  We manufacture a wide range of air-dry QD paints, Epoxy Enamels as well as an assortment of specialist coatings and solvent based products for specific applications which we have developed using the very latest paint technology and our resultant, decorative range represents the best value for money in our competitive markets.

We invite the DIY and professional markets to take advantage of a host of specialised coatings such as Road Marking and Aluminium Paints.

For any paint application required in and around the house, our decorative range will unquestionably give you the professional finish to add grace and style to the perfection of your home.

We present this list of our most popular products but there is whole lot more for you to see so contact us right away to find out just how Nurtra Paints can improve your company's efficiency and profitability.

Super Sheen Acrylic:  This totally washable acrylic paint with its smooth silkiness finish is stain, water and chemical resistant and is suitable for interior and exterior application.

Super Matt Acrylic: A durable high quality matt finish paint with maximum coverage, is easily washable, stain, dirt and water resistance and suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Modcoat:  Is a well known premium quality and durable paint with a  semi sheen finish and excellent washable and silky properties that gives a very hard surface. It is recommended for exterior application; however it is also suitable for interior application.

Acryplast Roof: This is a heavy-duty pure acrylic roof coating for direct application to all types of prepared roof surfaces. It has excellent adhesion properties and results in a waterproof and smooth attractive matt finish. It is fade resistant and easily washable. No undercoat is necessary with the exception of steel surfaces and is recommended for any galvanised iron roofs, concrete roof tiles, gutters, fascias and paving.

Fillercoat:  This is a versatile, high solid, pigmented, emulsion based filler primer for rough porous surfaces providing an undercoat for walls, and a final coat for ceilings.

Contractors PVA:  If value for money is what you're looking for, our contractors-PVA is the answer. This cost effective paint is perfect for general interior paint jobs, such as ceiling and partitions. Its excellent durability makes it an obvious choice as a general-purpose coating or as a basecoat before overcoat.

Multicoat (Universal Undercoat):  A multi purpose universal undercoat for wood and steel under decorative topcoats. Not for galvanised surfaces.

Glosscoat Enamels:  This very high opacity alkyd based super gloss enamel is available in all colours and is the best possible quality for industrial and decorative use.

Epoxy Enamel:  Is an exceptional abrasion resistance epoxy catalised coating and heavy-duty floor finish. It is a twin pack chemical proof paint that is suitable for use on heavy-duty floors, workshop floors  and other surfaces.

QD Enamel: Our “quick dry” super gloss enamel with outstanding spraying properties for use with implements as well as general use. Lacquer thinners or QD thinners need to be used for thinning and cleaning purposes.

Road Marking Paint: Our quality, modified, alkyd resin road line paint is quick drying with excellent road service and spraying properties. This product meets the required specifications for road marking applications and available in all road marking colours including the black.

School Board Paint:  A non-glare durable matt finish school board paint available in black and white.

Aluminium Paint: This all-purpose lustre aluminium paint is suitable for use on roofs with outstanding coverage with brush and roller applications.

Polyurethane Varnish:  Our high performance polyurethane offers up to 50% more life than ordinary conversional varnish. Turps diluents.


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